Improved productivity

Night Fit can help to improve the quality of sleep of employees in high pressure environments. Alertness, vigilance and cognitive capacity are increased by Night Fit, due to reduced fatigue levels. As a result, the overall productivity and quality of work will improve.

Improved health

The increased risks of obesity and sleep disorders to which suboptimal sleepers are exposed are countered by Night Fit. Other health problems that are targeted are burnouts, cardiovascular diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Less errors & mistakes

Improved quality of sleep will immediately result in better focus and concentration of employees. This reduces human error risks. By improving sleep patterns,  employees will be more competent, productive and accurate.

The Night Fit method


The Night Fit strategies are taught to the participants in one or two interactive workshops called ‘Work Hard, Sleep Hard’.


Step I (optionally): Short (online) sleep and fatigue questionnaire.

Step II: One or two interactive workshops, including delivery and instructions of the Somnoblue sleep glasses.

Step III (optionally): Short evaluation report, recommendations and presentation.

Somnoblue sleep glasses


Quotes from participants


“A good night’s sleep is extremely important. That’s what Koos of KM Human Factors Engineering made us clear with his workshop. The tips and special glasses have already boosted our night’s sleep and focus. Jorrit (Audittrail)

“It works for me, since using it I sleep better and feel less tired, it’s comfortable for me to use. The last years before Night Fit it was very hard for me to get good sleep.” – Roseli (Seaway Heavy Lifting)

“Hopefully in the future, those with sleeping problems will use the Night Fit method to help them overcome their insomnia, instead of using sleep medication. And thus, improving their focus during work and being able to work more safely. As a medical professional I know sleeping well is good for their health and well-being.” – Celedonio (Allseas)

Night Fit, the benefits


Maximizing human potential at ‘high performance organizations’


All high-performance organizations have one thing in common: they intend to maximize human performance while, at the same time, wanting to keep their employees fit, happy, and healthy. Targets are set at high levels and errors can be very costly. Therefore, optimal focus, alertness, and good sleep are required. However, as anyone in a high-pressure position will tell you, a good night’s sleep is all but a given. Poor sleep increases the risk of fatigue, which leads to suboptimal performance, health, and wellbeing.

“Enhanced sleep quality helps me concentrate better on tasks, and results in faster troubleshooting of daily issues and problems. Also it helps me being in a better mood, not feeling stressed.”  – Abramovic (Allseas)

Work Hard, Sleep Hard workshops



Work Hard, Sleep Hard Offshore Brochure English

Work Hard, Sleep Hard Consultancy Law firms



Night Fit is science based

The Night Fit method is based on the latest sleep, fatigue and light treatment science. The results of our latest projects were published at OnePetro from the Society of Petroleum Engineers. For more information about the science behind the method visit CGE Guest Blog “How light treatment can enhance performance and process safety in high-hazard industries”



Night Fit presentations at:

IADC Amsterdam 2017 (video): Drilling Health Safety and Technology Europe Conference & Exhibition 2017 Amsterdam

SPE San Antonio Texas 2017 (presentation and science paper): Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2017 San Antonio Texas

IADC Galveston Texas (article): International Association of Drilling Contractors IADC Human Factors Conference 2016  Galveston, Texas

The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) European Forum 2016 London

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