Dutch Hospitals

We’ve provided several large Dutch hospitals with Night Fit. The sleep-enhancing strategies were taught to the participating shift workers in interactive Night Fit workshops. Each participant received their own pair of Somnoblue glasses. This helps them to recharge their brain and body more fully in between their shifts, and thus increases their overall performance and resilience to fatigue risks. Click here for more information.

EY & HVG Law

We’ve provided workshops at EY and HVG Law during the Tax and Law days and the FWL event. The workshops will help to reduce stress and to enhance the quality of sleep. Many positive things happen to our body when our quality of sleep is improved from poor to moderate, or from moderate to good. It will result in stronger immune functioning, faster metabolism, more balanced hormones, increased energy, and a greater level of focus at work.

Law Firm Hogan Lovells

Our strategies were taught to the lawyers of Hogan Lovells in interactive workshops called ‘Work Hard, Sleep Hard’. As high-quality sleep helps our brain to function optimally, the Night Fit strategies and Somnoblue sleep glasses will help lawyers to be more productive and to make better decisions. Additionally, it will help to improve their mental and physical health. More information.


Lawyers who are fatigued at work make more mistakes, are less concentrated and can have memory difficulties. These effects reduce productivity and increase the risk of work-related errors. We’ve provided interactive workshops at the Lawfirm Houthoff. The workshops focused on how to optimize brain potential, focus, and vitality by using our fatigue countermeasures strategies and Somnoblue glasses.

Isala, Leiden Medical Center and UMC Utrecht

We’ve provided workshops at the Intensive Care Units of Isala, St. Antonius and Haga Hospital. The strategies and the Somnoblue glasses will help the medical professionals to more fully recharge their brain and body in between their shifts, and thus increases their overall performance and resilience to fatigue risks. Our upcoming projects are: Isala Hospital (Oncology department) and Leiden University Medical Center. Furthermore, our Somnoblue glasses have been applied at the I.C. of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital and at Radboud University Medical Center.

Allseas Engineering

Night Fit was implemented at Allseas’ vessels ‘Solitaire’ (report) and ‘Pioneering Spirit’ (report). Koos Meijer went on board the vessels (Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea) to train more than 450 shift workers in two interactive offshore workshops. The crew reported feeling less fatigued, more alert, and more energized during their work. At Solitaire the number of shift workers with a sleep quality grade of 8 or higher (on a 10-point scale) increased from 21% to 62% and the number of fatigued shift workers was reduced by over 75%.

International Conferences

In recent years, Koos Meijer has given various keynote presentations at international conferences. A selection: International Association of Drilling Contractors IADC Galveston Texas 2016 (article) & IADC HSE Amsterdam 2017 (video), The Society of Petroleum Engineers SPE San Antonio Texas 2017 (presentation and science paper), City-Work corporate health and wellbeing 2018 (video).

Seaway Heavy Lifting

Koos Meijer boarded Seaway Heavy Lifting’s ‘Heavy Lift vessel Oleg Strashnov’ (North Sea) to train the crew. Various sleep-enhancing tools and strategies, such as the use of blue-blocking glasses and energy lights, were taught to the crew in order to further enhance work performance, health, and safety. The number of ‘suboptimal sleepers’ was reduced by 75% and the number of ‘very good sleepers’ doubled.

Download Report Night Fit Seaway Heavy Lifting

Professional sports

We have conducted various projects for professional sports teams. Workshops were provided at ADO Den Haag (Video), AZ Alkmaar (Article), the Netherlands national under-16 football team, Van Lagen and Bleekemolen Racing. Various strategies were taught to the participants in interactive workshops. Amongst others, special glasses were introduced to optimize light exposure with sleep/wake patterns.


Brain training at Rabobank’s Data Science department. In one afternoon, the participants learned scientific insights and practical tips to improve their mental condition, better deal with distractions at work, and get into a flow state during work. Participants were very enthusiastic and found the workshop applicable: doing more in less time, sleep better, and having more fun at work. More awareness about your brain and more efficient sleep help you recover faster, both physically and mentally.

Bluewater Energy Services

Night Fit was implemented at one of Bluewaters’ Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels called ‘Aoka Mizu’. Interactive offshore workshops were given to the shift work crew. The results were positive: the majority of the participating shift workers described an increased quality of sleep, reported less fatigue during the following shift and experienced more alertness.

Download PDF Night Fit Bluewater

Royal Netherlands Air Force

We conducted a trial of Night Fit at the Royal Netherlands Air Force within the Air Operations and Control Station Nieuw Milligen. In addition, the method was introduced to the Force Protection Volkel. Together with the Centre for Man and Aviation, we conducted a study to test the Night Fit strategies. This was done during the MINUSMA mission in Mali, Africa. Based on the findings of these studies, the decision was made that the Night Fit’s bright light strategies will focus on slow rotating or fixed-shift schedules. More information.

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