Improved productivity

Our method can help to improve the quality of sleep of employees in high-pressure environments. Alertness, vigilance, and cognitive capacity are increased by Night Fit, due to reduced fatigue levels. As a result, the overall productivity and quality of work will improve.

Improved health

The increased risks of obesity and sleep disorders to which suboptimal sleepers are exposed are countered by Night Fit. Other health problems that are targeted are burnouts, cardiovascular diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Less errors & mistakes

Improved quality of sleep will immediately result in better focus and concentration of employees. This reduces human error risks. By improving sleep patterns,  employees will be more competent, productive, and accurate.

Workshop: Brain training

‘Work Smark and Recover Effectively’


To enjoy your work, you must manage your focus. You also need to recover effectively, both physically and mentally. The trick is not to work harder, but more effectively. Is that possible? Yes! During this workshop ‘Work Smart and Recover Effectively’, you will discover what your brain is (in)capable of and maximize its potential. The lessons learned and assignments will help you to train and recharge your brain more effectively. These are essential skills in our modern workplace where distractions and work pressure are high and inevitable.


Anyone who wants to have a better focus and a better work-life balance will benefit from this interactive workshop. In the video below the workshop teacher, Koos Meijer introduces himself. The training program can be tailored in consultation. Download the brochure for more information about the curriculum and the training program.




Brain training our recent cases:



“loved it! super interesting and good practical tips in the end. Yes, I believe this and the extended version of the workshop would be of added value for Accenture. I give workshops in new habit formation within Accenture. We could perfectly combine them.”Eline HR Partner Accenture


“The workshop was very good. I did appreciate all the little tips and tricks that can make life easier. Also, I like the theoretical knowledge about the brain and the associated activities. I liked the brain teasers. I believe it brings awareness of how to manage your time in the best interest of your own wellbeing while still being productive for the organisation. Understanding how our brains works brings added value.” – Viktoriya Expert Consultant C-Business Learning – ING

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“Hi Koos, I should be the one to say thank you! What a great workshop you gave, it resonated a lot with my current struggles! I hope to see you soon in a second session 😉 Best regards.” – AI Scientist Accenture


“Good energy, loved the Whodunit clip, interesting challenges. Many of the recommendations start small to help you take steps towards better focus; also triggered self-reflection about personal motivation to focus better and generally build healthy habits.” – Consultant Accenture


“Insightful. How things were known, but I learned new things about how the brain works. The online webinar dynamics including the challenges and assignments worked well. It is important to recognize that the workplace and life in general are more complex. Only if we recognize that a problem exists we can do something about it as an employer and employee.“ – Senior Compliance and Change Professional ING     


“Liked the session very much. It has given me a lot interesting insights that can help me to better organise my daily challenges. Due to our job responsibilities and because we are now working from home we share similar challenges every day.”-  Bart Compliance employee – ING


“The workshop was very good! Koos knows how to combine scientific research with practical tips in a fun way. The tips can be put into practice immediately and have already delivered immediate results in the first few days. Recommended! The content and themes are applicable in our industry, especially since everyone in the office faces the same challenges. ” – Casper Lawyer Houthoff


“Interesting useful workshop. In this type of ‘braintraining’ workshops the same things are often told, but there were a number of innovative points, with concrete advice (way of switching between tasks, work / switching to home, ‘active’ recovery and sleep) “– Lawyer Houthoff



My video on RTLZ about the Brain training will be aired soon


Are you interested in a workshop?


Click here and plan a short (+/- 15 minutes) introductory meeting. The workshop duration ranges from 1,5 to 4 hours. The prices range from 900 to 1600 euros per in-company workshop.



Brain training workshop via open registration?


We also offer the Brain training on the basis of open registration. The training group consists of people who have all registered individually for the training. You can exchange experiences with each other and learn from the insights of others. The maximum group size is 12 so that there is enough space for an individual approach. The workshop is provided online via Microsoft Teams and lasts 3 hours + 1 hour of optional time for additional questions and personal advice. Please take a look at the booking page and sign in on a suitable date. The workshop has been temporarily reduced in price from EUR 160 to EUR 130 per person excluding VAT.





Workshop: Night Fit ‘Work Hard, Sleep Hard’


Besides providing training about the brain, I also help people to enhance their quality of sleep. In the video below I explain what motivated me to develope the ‘Work Hard, Sleep Hard’ method.


KOOS MEIJER – KM Human Factors Engineering (Dutch subs.) from 2minutefilms on Vimeo.


Work Hard, Sleep Hard workshops

for consultancy/law firms


As high-quality sleep helps our brain to function optimally, the Night Fit strategies and Somnoblue sleep glasses will help the consultants and lawyers to be more productive and to make better decisions. Additionally, it will help to improve their mental and physical health.

Clients: DLA Piper, Hogan Lovells, and EY


Offshore organizations


We have implemented the Work Hard, Sleep Hard strategies at various international offshore organizations. The training took place on location (e.g. Black Sea, North Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea). In total, we have trained more than 1000 offshore workers. Somnoblue sleep glasses were applied as depicted above.  The crew members currently apply the strategies in order to work safer and more healthy. Visit this page more information.

Projects include: Allseas, Transocean, Seaway Heavy Lifting, and Bluewater.


Professional athletes


Many things happen to the body of an athlete if the quality of sleep is improved from poor to moderate or from moderate to good. It will result in stronger immune functioning, faster metabolism, more balanced hormones, increased energy, and a greater level of focus during training and matches. However, if an athlete does not sleep optimally, it may suffer the opposite of all those benefits. Our workshops help athletes to improve their focus and performance.

Clients: ADO Den Haag, AZ Alkmaar, NAC, FC Utrecht, Royal Netherlands Football Association and The Royal Netherlands Rowing Association.


Healthcare professionals

The healthcare sector demands work to be continued through the night. However, human beings are not built to work during the night. Naturally, our body is programmed to ensure that energy, alertness, concentration, and other aspects relating to mental and physical performance peak during the day. In addition, our brain is ‘programmed’ to sleep at night. As a result, the inability to sleep and high fatigue levels are common problems in the healthcare sector.

Workshops and Somnoblue sleep glasses

Our sleep-enhancing strategies are taught to the participants in one or two interactive workshops. In addition, at the end of the workshop, each participant will receive their own pair of Somnoblue glasses. This will help healthcare workers to more fully recharge their brain and body between their shifts, and thus increases their overall performance and resilience to fatigue risks.


Workshops for the Military

High quality sleep between (night) shifts is essential for soldiers to ensure effective mental and physical recovery. High quality sleep is essential for soldiers to ensure optimal physical and mental recovery, and to perform safely during training and missions.

We’ve introduced the Night Fit strategies at the Dutch military in order to improve the quality of sleep in stressful environments. Together with the Centre for Man and Aviation, we conducted tests of Night Fit at the Air Operations and Control Station (Nieuw Milligen), the Force Protection (Volkel), and at the Royal Netherlands Air Force (Mali Africa).


Somnoblue sleep glasses are applied




Quotes from participants


Gegard: “I see progress so far, I fall asleep more quickly and I sleep longer. So far, I’m happy with the results.”

Gegard Mousasi – Five Times world champion MMA

“Interesting workshop, based on good research. There is a great amount of knowledge in the area of sleep and fatigue which has not yet reached the general audience. There is also much to learn about how to get the right information to the “customer i.e. the person that needs it the most”. Fatigue Management should be seen as improving performance and not as “sleeping in your own time”. Especially in aviation, the tools discussed in the workshop can be used to adjust circadian rhythms. Also, the tips and advice to improve sleeping patterns are of added value. –

– Erik – AME (Air Force)

“What stuck with me the most is that you need to have enough quality sleep in order to function at your full potential and thus be able to perform well. I keep using the glasses because I have the feeling that I feel fitter and I can get more out of myself on training and in competitions. “

Calvin (Ajax)

“A good night’s sleep is extremely important. That’s what Koos of KM Human Factors Engineering made us clear with his workshop. The tips and special glasses have already boosted our night’s sleep and focus. Jorrit (Audittrail)

“It works for me, since using it I sleep better and feel less tired, it’s comfortable for me to use. The last years before Night Fit it was very hard for me to get good sleep.” – Roseli (Seaway Heavy Lifting)

“Hopefully in the future, those with sleeping problems will use the Night Fit method to help them overcome their insomnia, instead of using sleep medication. And thus, improving their focus during work and being able to work more safely. As a medical professional I know sleeping well is good for their health and well-being.” – Celedonio (Allseas)


Night Fit, the benefits


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