Improved Productivity

Our workshops will help to improve the quality of sleep, focus, and alertness of employees in high-pressure environments. The tools and strategies help to enhance cognitive capacity and physical and mental resilience resulting in enhanced productivity and the quality of life of employees.

Improved Health

Stressed and distracted employees are at risk for burnout, obesity, and sleep disorders. Our workshops counter these risks by providing effective strategies and tools that can be applied in day-to-day life. Other health problems that are targeted are cardiovascular diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

Fewer Errors & Mistakes

Improved quality of sleep will immediately result in better focus and concentration of employees. This reduces human error risks. By improving sleep patterns,  employees will be more competent, productive, and accurate.

Our workshops



Brain Training workshops

  • What is the impact of nutrition on my brain and focus?
  • What is the effect of sleep on my brain performance?
  • How do I prime my brain for focus or relaxation?
  • How do I sleep deeper and more effectively?
  • How do I get into and stay in the flow?
  • How do I prevent stress and burnout?
  • What can I do about worrying in bed?
  • How do I avoid distractions at work?
  • How do I better switch off from work?


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My video about the Brain training was aired on RTLZ (in Dutch)

Click here and plan a short (+/- 15 minutes) introductory meeting. The average duration of the workshop ranges from 2 to 4 hours. The minimum costs per in-company workshop are 950 euros.

We also offer the Braintraining on the basis of open registration. The training group consists of people who have all registered individually for the training. You can exchange experiences with each other and learn from the insights of others. The group size is 4 to 15 persons allowing enough space for personal feedback and advice. The workshop is provided online via Microsoft Teams and lasts 4 hours. Please take a look at the booking page and sign in on a suitable date. The price of the workshop is 200 euros, excluding VAT. Each participant will receive a pair Somnoblue sleep glasses worth 50 euros.

Download the brochure for more information about the curriculum and the training program.




Workshops about sleep enhancement

At these firms, targets are set at high levels and errors can be very costly. Our workshop 'Work Hard, Sleep Hard' apply effective sleep-enhancing strategies which help to increase the efficiency of sleep without the use of medication. Our workshop 'Braintraining - Work Smart and Recover Effectively' will help to improve your focus, energy, and overall wellbeing. One of these strategies employs timed light-exposure using Somnoblue glasses which - when worn just prior to bedtime - help to achieve a more efficient sleep. As high-quality sleep helps our brain to function optimally, our workshops will help employees to be more productive and to make better decisions. Additionally, it will help to improve their mental and physical health.

Maximizing human potential

Improving sleep quality will – after the first night – lead to an increased focus, energy, and concentration. Moreover, it will help the employees to make high quality and split-second decisions. In addition, increasing sleep quality will lead to a healthier appetite, an enhanced physical recovery, lower stress levels, and an improved immune function. Specifically, it will optimize, performance, health, and overall wellbeing.


Brochure - Night Fit Work Hard Sleep Hard


Our latest clients

The healthcare sector demands work to be continued through the night. However, human beings are not built to work during the night. Naturally, our body is programmed to ensure that energy, alertness, concentration, and other aspects relating to mental and physical performance peak during the day. In addition, our brain is 'programmed' to sleep at night. As a result, the inability to sleep and high fatigue levels are common problems in the healthcare sector.

Workshops and sleep glasses

Our sleep-enhancing strategies are taught to the participants in one or two interactive workshops. In addition, at the end of the workshop, each participant will receive their own pair of Somnoblue glasses. This will help healthcare workers to more fully recharge their brain and body between their shifts, and thus increases their overall performance and resilience to fatigue risks.

The following topics are discussed during the workshop(s):

    • Sleep, fatigue and our brain
    • The biological clock, sleep, health and safety
    • The mismatch between our biological clock and the shift work schedule (circadian misalignment)
    • Sleep hygiene strategies during the day
    • Sleep hygiene strategies for the evening and at night
    • Energy boosters during work
    • The effect of the timing, duration, color, and intensity of light on the biological clock, melatonin and sleep
    • The use of Somnoblue glasses during shift work
    • Nutrition during (night) work
    • Powernaps
    • Relaxation / mindfulness strategies

Findings from our previous projects at other ‘high-performance industries’ are used in order to explain the strategies and to motivate the participants. This helps them to keep using the strategies correctly during future shift work.


Our latest clients 

Next to reducing incidents of personal harm, safety also plays a big role in the oil & gas industry to reduce the risks of large accidents with environmental consequences. In addition, poor sleep is expensive; Lack of sleep costs U.S. about $411 Bilion in lost productivity, study finds. Night Fit is an effective tool to reduce these costs and enhances human performance and safety.

Click here to read more about fatigue, human error and process safety 

Koos Meijer presented our Fatigue countermeasures method Night Fit at the following conferences:
IADC Drilling HSE&T (video) Europe Conference on 28 September in (Amsterdam 2017)
Society of Petroleum Engineers (Science paper and presentation) Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (San Antonio Texas 2017)
IADC (article) Human Factors Conference in (Galveston, Texas 2016)

Work Hard, Sleep Hard Brochure Offshore

Our latest Night Fit offshore projects

Our Latest Clients

Athletes need to obtain sufficient sleep of a high quality in order to reach maximal physical and mental performance. High quality of sleep is needed for your brain to fully reload and for your muscles to recover. Young athletes who sleep less than 8 hours have a 1.7 higher injury risk than those who sleep 8 hours or more.

Gegard: "I see progress so far, I fall asleep more quickly and I sleep longer. So far, I’m happy with the results. I’m looking forward to the second meeting”


Sleep enhancement benefits

Many things happen to the body of an athlete if the quality of sleep is improved from poor to moderate or from moderate to good. It will result in stronger immune functioning, faster metabolism, more balanced hormones, increased energy and a greater level of focus during training and matches. However, if an athlete does not sleep optimally, it may suffer the opposite of all those benefits.

In order optimize mental and physical recovery, we implemented Night Fit at various sports teams such as AZ Alkmaar, ADO Den Haag, KNVB O16, Bleekemolen and Van Lagen Racing.

“It has helped me to fall asleep faster and thereby wake up more fit.” – Lex Immers (ADO Den Haag)

"What stuck with me the most is that you need to have enough quality sleep in order to function at your full potential and thus be able to perform well. I keep using the glasses because I have the feeling that I feel fitter and I can get more out of myself on training and in competitions. "- Calvin (Ajax)

High quality sleep between (night) shifts is essential for soldiers to ensure effective mental and physical recovery. This due to the fact that many of the major restorative functions in the body occur mostly and, in some cases, only during sleep. Examples of these restorative functions are: tissue repair, muscle growth, growth hormone release, and cleaning of the brain. High quality sleep is essential for soldiers to ensure optimal physical and mental recovery, and to perform safely during training and missions.


In general, fatigue can be defined as a feeling of tiredness and an inability to perform effectively. Although there are individual differences in how fatigue affects alertness and performance, nobody is immune from its effects. Compared to a soldier who is well rested, a highly fatigued soldier will be less alert, less able to mentally process information, will have slower reaction times, and less situation awareness. These factors combined lower job quality and increase the risk of errors, accidents and fatalities.

These reasons stress the need for optimal sleep, alertness and vigilance. Night Fit can help to improve the quality of sleep in stressful environments. Together with the Centre for Man and Aviation we conducted tests of Night Fit at the Air Operations and Control Station (Nieuw Milligen), the Force Protection (Volkel) and at the Royal Netherlands Air Force (Mali Africa).

- Erik – AME (Air Force)

"Interesting workshop, based on good research. There is a great amount of knowledge in the area of sleep and fatigue which has not yet reached the general audience. There is also much to learn about how to get the right information to the "customer i.e. the person that needs it the most". Fatigue Management should be seen as improving performance and not as "sleeping in your own time". Especially in aviation, the tools discussed in the workshop can be used to adjust circadian rhythms. Also, the tips and advice to improve sleeping patterns are of added value.




In-company Human Factors Training

In the dynamic world of today, the theme of "Focus and Distractions: How to Boost Concentration and Performance" is more relevant than ever. It delves into the balance between maintaining a high-level focus within all potential distractions that can significantly impact our efficiency and output.

I explore strategies and tools designed to enhance concentration, enabling the team to channel its efforts more effectively toward its tasks and goals. By understanding the psychological underpinnings of attention and the common disruptors that challenge it, participants will learn how to create environments and habits that lead to deep focus.

The workshop provides practical tools and action strategies will not only inspire the participants but will lead to direct action. I provided this training format at organizations such as: Houthoff, ING and Rabobank.


The theme of "Human Errors and Safety" plays a crucial role within high-stakes environments where the margin for error is minimal. In this theme, I shed light on the various types of human errors that can occur in the workplace, including slips, lapses, mistakes, and violations. By delving into the root causes and mechanisms behind these errors from a Human Factors perspective, participants will gain valuable insights into how to predict, identify, and mitigate potential risks associated with human error.

Understanding these factors can help in the continuous process of preventing accidents and improving safety outcomes within the organization. I provided this training format at organizations such as: Allseas and Transocean.



The "Fatigue Reduction, Sleep Quality, and Shift Work" module is a vital component of our Human Factors training, tailored to address the challenges of maintaining peak performance in today's demanding work environments.

In this theme, I delve into the critical aspects of managing fatigue and enhancing sleep quality, factors that are paramount for optimal functioning and well-being. I discuss specific obstacles faced by individuals engaged in shift work, including the disruption of natural circadian rhythms and the effects of jet lag, while also addressing concerns relevant to those in high-pressure roles without irregular hours. Through a combination of scientific insights and practical strategies, participants will learn how to effectively manage their sleep patterns, recognize the signs of fatigue, and implement solutions to mitigate the impacts of these challenges. This all with the end goal to empower participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to sustain high levels of alertness and performance, regardless of their work schedules, thereby improving both personal health and workplace safety.

This workshop theme overlaps with the ‘Work Hard, Sleep Hard method that I have proved at organizations such as: LUMC, Umc Utrecht, EY, and the Royal Netherlands Air Force.


My methodology is rooted in a thorough understanding of human factors, aimed at enhancing both individual and organizational performance. By focusing on critical aspects such as improving workplace focus, managing fatigue, and ensuring safety, my goal is to effectively translate complex human factors theories into practical, actionable strategies.

The content of the workshops is customized based on the specific requirements and common issues faced by your company. The duration of the workshop is 4 to 8 hours.

Please contact me for an introductory meeting.


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