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Maximizing human potential in ‘high-performance industries’

Koos Meijer

Founder KM Human Factors Engineering

My name is Koos Meijer, and I am the founder of KM Human Factors Engineering and Somnoblue. In the video above, I explain why I became motivated to help others in reaching their full potential. I apply scientific knowledge about the brain, sleep, the biological clock, and light therapy to find suitable optimization solutions for various ‘high-performance’ teams and organizations. In recent years I’ve provided workshops and training in industries such as the military, law, consultancy, top sports, healthcare, and the offshore industry.

I founded Somnoblue to help people to sleep better by focusing on the power of darkness. Somnoblue provides special blue light-filtering sleep glasses that have to be worn about one hour before bedtime. The use of the glasses allows melatonin, ‘the night hormone’ to be secreted naturally and more effectively. Consistent use of the glasses can help to fall into a deep sleep more quickly.

I have a passion for teaching and providing training. This passion grew during my study of Psychology at Leiden University. There I’ve provided lectures in seven different bachelor courses. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Civil Engineering, I also have a Master’s degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology. Furthermore, I hold all the required offshore training certificates.

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MSc. Applied Cognitive Psychology
BSc. Civil Engineering
BSc. Psychology
Offshore Safety Certificates – [Further Offshore Emergency Training with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) (FOET) valid – 2027]


KM Human Factors Engineering

Business partner and advisor

Martin Robb is our partner in the application and development of Night Fit. Martin is a consultant at Human Factors Applications. With over 17 years’ of Human Factors Consultancy experience on Major Capital Projects (e.g. military, offshore Oil & Gas, and pharmaceuticals), Martin is known to reliably deliver good-practice, risk-based Health, Safety, and Environment solutions to Clients in the process industries.

Human Factors connects and combines engineering, organizational science, and behavioral science. In this field, Martin conducts research and applies knowledge through publications, courses, and training. He solves problems by applying methods from various fields of science, such as ergonomics, psychological function theory, social psychology, health psychology, organizational science, and sociotechnical organizational design.

Martin is a co-author of the Night Fit paper for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Please contact Martin for inquiries about the application of Night Fit at your organization.

MSc. Human Factors / Ergonomics
BSc. Psychology
Certified Ergonomist (BCPE)
Offshore certificates

Unfortunately, there is currently no room for internships and thesis projects for students. During these projects, you will gain hands-on experience, skills, and know-how about enhancing human potential, safety, and well-being in high-performance industries. Please contact us for more information about an internship or thesis project.

KM Human Factors Engineering


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