Maximizing human performance

We help organizations to bring performance, health, and safety to the next level. We enable employees to optimize their brain potential, focus, and vitality by enhancing the efficiency of sleep, thus reducing fatigue.

Our workshops ‘Braintraining – Work Smart and Recover Effectively and ‘Work Hard, Sleep Hard’ will help you to stay fit, focused, and healthy. Also, we introduce the latest sleep enhancement tools and techniques that improve the efficiency of your sleep.

Our references include offshore operators, lawyers, consultants, soldiers, medical professionals, and athletes. Learn how our method applies to your company.

The Work Hard, Sleep Hard method

Our sectors

Our interactive workshops and Somnoblue glasses enhance sleep efficiency, alertness
and vitality in the following sectors

Consultancy/law firms

At consultancy and law firms, targets are set at high levels and errors can be very costly. We apply effective focus and sleep-enhancing strategies that help to enhance overall performance and well-being. Our workshops will help consultants to stay fit, focused, and healthy. Helping them to perform at their full potential.

Brochure Work Hard, Sleep Hard
Brochure Brain Training 

Offshore Oil & Gas industry

Employees who are fatigued and sleepy make more human errors and are more likely to get involved in accidents than well-rested and alert individuals. Managing poor sleep and fatigue should therefore be a top priority for offshore O&G organizations. Night Fit is an effective tool to reduce fatigue related costs [1] and to enhance human performance and safety.

Brochure – Night Fit – Offshore

Sports professionals

The Night Fit strategies allow individuals in ‘high-performance environments’ to sleep more efficiently. This will help them to recover more quickly, thus enhancing their performance, health, and overall potential.

We provided workshops at Van Lagen and Bleekemolen Racing and at Dutch football clubs KNVB O16, AZ Alkmaar, Excelsior, and ADO Den Haag.

Healthcare sector

Health and safety are top priorities in the healthcare sector.  Our workshops and Somnoblue glasses help to enhance the quality of sleep in shift work environments. This will help healthcare workers to recharge their brain and body more fully between their shifts and thus increases their overall performance and resilience to fatigue risks.


ADO Den Haag


Work Hard, Sleep Hard workshops at the Royal Dutch Rowing Federation

Workshops at the Royal Dutch Rowing Federation

Work Hard, Sleep Hard workshops at the the Royal Dutch Rowing Federation. The federation of all Dutch rowing clubs. The federation is a member of the NOC*NSF, and is entitled to nominate candidates and teams to participate in the Olympic Games. In total 60 professional rowers have participated in this project. Each of the has received their own pair of Somnoblue sleep glasses.

Workshops and Somnoblue glasses at Leiden University Medical Center, MUMC+ and Umc Utrecht

Workshops at ADO Den Haag and FC Utrecht

Presentation at the IADC Conference in Texas

Interview at RTLZ’s Nederland Maakt Het 

Offshore project: Proactive fatigue countermeasures at Transocean  

Brain training and Night Fit projects in various ‘high-performance’ sectors 

Upcoming Work Hard, Sleep Hard projects

We've provided the Brain training and Work Hard, Sleep Hard workshops at various 'high-performance organizations. The workshops focus on how to optimize brain potential, focus, and vitality.

IADC Health and Safety Conference Amsterdam

Project: Night Fit on ‘Pioneering Spirit’ 

Project at football club AZ Alkmaar