Maximizing  human performance

We at KM Human Factors Engineering believe that employees are the most valuable assets of a company. By applying Night Fit workforce productivity, health, and safety levels are enhanced. It enables shift workers to operate at their maximum potential.

Our Industries

We provide solutions for the following ‘high-hazard’ industries.

Offshore Oil & Gas industry

Next to reducing incidents of personal harm, safety also plays a big role in the oil & gas industry to reduce the risks of large accidents with environmental consequences. In addition, poor sleep is expensive; €1800/ employee annually [1]. Night Fit is an effective tool to reduce these costs and to enhance human performance and safety.

Sports professionals

In November 2016, we finished a successful project in order to enhance sleep and performance at Dutch football club AZ Alkmaar. Please visit for more information about this project and visit try the applied blue blocking glasses yourself.

Military industry

In order to protect the lives of civilians and the soldiers themselves, safety is a top priority for the Military. Optimal workforce alertness and high levels of vigilance are essential. Night Fit can help to improve the quality of sleep in stressful environments.

Latest News: Night Fit at Dutch football club AZ Alkmaar

Night Fit at AZ Alkmaar. We just finished a successful project in order to enhance sleep and performance at Dutch football club AZ Alkmaar. Visit to try one of the applied strategies yourself.

Selected to present at the IADC Human Factors Conference & Exhibition in Houston Texas

November, 2016: KM Human Factors Engineering is selected to present during the 2016 IADC Human Factors Conference & Exhibition in Houston Texas. The IADC Conference will seek to examine the innovations that are shaping the future of drilling as it strives to merge rapidly advancing technologies with an understanding of human nature and form. Night Fit helps to improve operator alertness and performance leading to improved process safety levels in the drilling industry.

Night Fit at the SIGTTO EU Forum in London

September, 2016: KM Human Factors Engineering was present at the SIGTTO (The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators) European forum in London. During this event Koos Meijer gave a presentation in which he discussed the direct relationship between fatigue and the increased risk for human error. In addition, the science behind various proactive fatigue countermeasures were discussed and how these techniques can help to enhance productivity, health, and safety in the liquefied gas shipping and terminal industry.